/The Ikigai.

Hanzou is an NFT Brand. Inspired by urban samurai character design, Hanzou is A collection of PFP NFTs living in Solana blockchain. Built by A small team, and will developed by the team and community. Hanzou comes with utilities for its member. Starts with merchandise store, giveaway and many more that will revealed over time. Owning Hanzou will give you membership access to the ikigai. – let’s create and resonate together.


/The Collection.

Hanzou – Genesis is the first collection from Hanzou. There are 500 unique pfp NFTs. Each one of them are generated from many unique layers or traits type.

Hanzou Genesis collection consist of 4 main categories based on their rarity percentage.

  • Ronin (Common) = 264 NFTs or 53% from total collection.
  • Samurai (Less Common) = 121 NFTs or 24% from total collection.
  • Daimyo (Rare) = 77 NFTs or 15% from total collection.
  • Shogun (Super Rare) = 38 NFTs or 8% from total collection.


And from these categories, there are 100 of them have the “Yellow Sun” background ornament. No matter what is your Hanzou categories, the perk of having this type is:

  • You will get 2 WL spots on every Hanzou WL events (this of course if you are one of the winners).

Hanzou – Genesis Preview




  • Finalize traits & overall hand-drawn design
  • Website & blockchain development


  • Grow social channels & slowly grow our discord community
  • Initiate strategic partnerships with like-minded artists and or nft projects

Minting Begins

The first collection, Hanzou – Genesis will include a total of 500 entirely unique pieces of artwork. We will continue to grow a prosperous community while our development team builds the best experience possible. Whitelist events will also occur in this phase. Announcement for public sale mint will be provided in our discord server.


Mint Pass

Hanzou NFTs will act as a mint pass for early access on future Hanzou releases for holders.


All holders of Hanzou NFTs will be included in our giveaways program.

IRL Activations

Lucky holders will be eligible to receive IRL products such as 1:1 merchandise, goodies, whitelabel sake, as well as attend future IRL events.

Project Growth & Ideas

Holders will be able to submit ideas for the growth of this project and also for a new project idea they have.

Fan Art Collab Collection

In the future, we will host a fan art challenge which will be voted on by our community. the top artists will be invited to drop a Hanzou collab collection where 100% of secondary sales royalty will be awarded to the artist and/or a charity of the artist’s choice.

Hanzou Launchpad

We are firm believers in Ikigai, community & partnerships. We want to be a platform others can use to grow. a large goal of ours is to provide a launch pad to give back & support other projects we have carefully vetted & believe in.

And Much More

We’re big believers in doing more & talking less. that being said, we have loads of wonderful plans & ideas for the direction we will go to add more technology, value & utility to our holders. stay tuned.. additional details to be announced.
We are trying to be under promise and over deliver – we want to develop the Hanzou NFT into something that can continue to expand for years to come.